Sunday, 27 July 2008

First word

Not Mummy not Daddy but BIRD. Thats the first word you mentioned that I heard clearly from your mouth, I brought you out for an evening walk the day before and we encountered a flock of pigeons by the roadside and I said to you "Birds" but you were just fascinated looking at the birds without a word,but I was shocked cos the next day morning I was about to take you to Kak Salmah's house you saw birds out side our house and you said Bird clearly, by the time you were 8 month something boy. Take note you..... that's special for me cos that the first word from you and you mean it I'm sure. Tak sia-sia orang cakap talk to the baby coz they understand more than you wold ever imagine.....

Next word was Ball which also start with B consonant and you are really sensitive with football when ever you see football on tv even if you are not focusing on it you will automatically responded to it by saying ball expressively and also bus, which for you,even if it is a lorry still it's a bus, what's funny is you will stay put to your word bus (bah you say) no matter how daddy or mummy or mummi na try to right you eg. you said bah, mummi na said looori, then you reply bah, then again and again til you win. that's you who's right..... (funny)