Tuesday, 2 January 2007

It's my life in the early morning of 2nd january 2007 after my Subuh prayer and my lovely wife is now on her eighth week pregnancy n still when shes awake for sure she will start throwing out n this is her second week of illness but anyway we both had seen the doctor last week n she said that this is normal n it shows that the baby inside is doing well, but i pity my wife as she cannot even wake up, futhermore to do her revision for her coming examination. but anyway the doc had assured us that that would be no problem as she can write a comfirmation letter of sickness to her school stating that my wife should be given an extension time so that her examination can be done in the next future time. last friday the 29th dec we had an appointment with the assigned midwife named Ruth Leonard a lovely friendly lady who will conduct my wife's pregnancy throughout untill the delivery day and the appointment letter will be arriving at our flat at round next week where we will be asked to attend something like our first antenatal screening test to do an ultasound scan to confirm how many weeks my wife's pregnancy is by now, to check if the baby's is beating and if there is more than one baby and a blood test to detect any dangerous infections and to detect blood group and blood rhesus and also to find out whether there are antibodies in the blood and the next thing is to check the blood condition so I hope my wife will be able to withstand the test and there will be no any negative results.

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