Sunday, 25 November 2007

Real traveller at such a young age..........

Upacara belah mulut (asam, garam dan manisan)

Upacara "koret hidon" masa sendiri

Upacaran "koret hidon" lagi keee.....

Geng 2 mummy aunty Neha, Mummy, aunty Sueraya and Aunty Ragdah

Kaum bapa

Manja Tok Umi tuuuu.....

Dah nak balik UK, masa di KLIA dengan aunty Sue, abg Ajwad and Ayesha

Daddy and Uncle Nizam

Mummy and Harris waiting terminal train

On the train to terminal

Harris le tuuuu nampak bosan jeeee.....
Daddy kena tinggal sorang2 kat UK lebih kurang tiga minggu, memang hell (duniawi) tapi memikirkan mummy nak servis lepas bersalin so daddy relakan Harris n mummy kelik jugak sebab nanti dah tua sakit sana sakit sini. Contohnya hari tu masa Harris baru lapan hari lahir, mummy (the three of us laa) dah kena travel jauh to Heathrow Airport jemput Tok Umi n Aunty Nita (17th August), biasanya lapan hari is too early to get out of bed and to travel sebab peranakkan terlalu lemah lagi lepas tu masa tok umi ada di sini mummy banyak berjalan pergi rata riti (heheh klate tu...) carboot sale n others, so after all, that's y I allow mummy kelik lagi pun Tok Umi n Aunty Nita ada so things get easy laaa... and masa kat Heathow mummy ada request wheelchair service.
Lepas lebih kurang 10 hari Tok Umi n Aunty Nita kat Cardiff on 26th August (you were 17 days old) and after deciding to allow you and mummy to go back so we went to North Finchley, Northern London, at Aunty Subaida's house and on 27th (you were 18 days) we went to The Malaysian Embassy by London Underground for your passport, sikit punya susah ke dengan your pushchair dah tu sampai kat Green Park Station tangga punya la banyak n tinggi2 pulak tu. Lepas buat your passport sementara tunggu nak siap after 3pm kita pergi ke Trafalgar Square tapi Guard Changing tak ada hari tu so ramai orang yang tunggu awal-awal bersurai kecewa kebetulan kita sampai agak lewat so tak le kita tertunggu2, takpe nanti kita pergi semula ke situ, lepas tu kita berjalan ke Green Park lepak lepak buang masa nak ke memorial Diana mummy dah tak larat so kita just lepak kat bawah pokok besar menghadap water fountain kat situ. Mummy baring atas kerusi tu berurut kaki sebab sakit. Pukul tiga pergi ambil passport then balik ke rumah Aunty Subaidah on tube again. Petang tu Daddy kena balik semula ke Cardiff sebab esok tu Daddy kerja and to pick some more luggage yang kena inggal that day sebab dah penuh dengan penumpang. On thursday 30th August at 12 midnight (you were 21 days old) Harris and mummy together with Tok Umi and Aunty Nita took the flight to Malaysia leaving daddy here, it was so sad being apart with you and mummy I know I was a little bit too possesive I think? the moment I saw you and mummy disappearing into the crowd at the fast lane check in, I was broken into tears but no one know how I felt at that time but Allah. The saddest moment.
I'm here missing you and mummy I even talked to you photos and almost all the time I immitated your "khek khek kheeekkk" sounds to when I miss you. And when I'm on the phone with mummy I will make that sounds and you will respond to me only Allah know how I feel at that time. Actually in our plan (me and mummy) planned for my trip back to Malaysia on 27th Sept 07 as mummy had booked the flight earlier but mummy and daddy couldn't stand to be parted so long then I had the date changed (with GBP60 fees making it GBP630) to 21st Sept 07 almost one week earlier Alhamdullilah, it was so pleasing to know the fact that the date had changed and I'm gonna be with mummy you earlier than planned.
Then come the day waited, I'd driven again to Aunty Subaidah house and parked our car there stay over night at her house and leave early in the morning on of 21st Sept with three heavy luggage more than 35 kilos, four Koni absorbers and four Eibach springs (the heaviest) with presents from Kak Ani for her sis in KL and some of Harris's pullovers and just 2 or 3 pairs of my shirts I managed to get it into that inconvenient tube with my own pair of hands, it heavy mate..... but it's nothing compare to the happiness of getting home to meet mummy and you.
I arrived on 22nd Sept on Saturday noon taken to rumah Uncle Syed Aunty Nita as transit before taking AirAsia at LCCT at 3pm the same day, leaving those Konis and Eibach plus those presents (almost 20 kilos) the heaviest burden at their house, for us (three of us) will come and pick up later after with our car (later story). After a week in Kelantan we drove to Putrajaya to our house this is your first time being there. Sayangnya tak banyak gambar while we were there, we were in Putrajaya for almost a week for your visa application which is proven to be useless coz it was just the same price to pay compared to do it in UK itself, you were by the time was around 2 and half month old but sadly you was a bit groggy and your stomach bloated (kembung) the first night you were crying hard until you asleep maybe because our car should have the absorbers changed before we traveled in it but apa boleh buat semua parts tinggal kat Cyberjaya kat rumah Aunty Nita. On the way back you were brought back to KB with flight with Mummy Na, and mummy and daddy drove back alone and we were parted again for almost 6 hours and mummy started missing you and this is her first time you were away from her. On the first Hari Raya again Harris traveled a long journey to Penang from KB, on the way to Penang you were ok but later on the way back in mid way somewhere in Jeli you started crying non-stop and loud after you were given some medication and then you calmed down until you fell asleep I think this was because of your stomach bloated again.
After Raya on 19th Oct 2007 (you were 2 month and ten day old) you were celebrated in majlis bercukur, in KB. Many guest came to see you and greeted you and as usual you were so "berjurus" without any problem no crying and all, you just stared at everyone with you dahi berkerut (your trade mark tuu...) and even tried to converse I'm proud of you Harris.
Two days after that majlis 21st October, was the day when you leave Malaysia for UK, and again you trevelled far (2 month 12 days old). Finally I want to declare you are a real traveller at a very young age.

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