Thursday, 1 January 2009

Harini stay at home watch tv only until tgh hari keluar Alamanda lunch at nando's after that Untie Rus Mummy's friend at Usim n Family come visit our house at about 6 pm then we went to the Pusat Kejiranan Precint 9, to the pool and playground. Then we dine at Precint 9 food court. Buletin utama TV3 pasal sambutan tahun baru covered the most with the story about social problems of Malay youth are being the hot topic, ironically one can simply think about the solution but it seems like no body care. To celebrate it with mass gathering along with the musical consert and dance and than cheering towards nothing what's it all about. I know this is the time where one nation can gather and rise the spirit one togetherness but the side effect of it, is the moral of the malay youth being jeopardised. Malay people that follow the other 'people' in the celebration tend to become the champion in the event, they tend to over do it. So to cut short the story, one question the ponder, should you join force with the other 'people'? think about it.

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