Thursday, 12 July 2012

Conscience and the inconsiderates...

What will happen when one innocent person being pulled over by a car while in a speed? outraged? of course, unlogical to me if you say no... at least a bad word uttered like g*l@... whooohooo... now you've committed a sin... but who triggered your anger, ain't it the driver, so the driver is the one who has got the swearing and at the same time he also made a sin, because being an inconsiderate one causing other people a hard time and also threatening other people's life... I've seen in front of my eyes, an innocent rider kissed the tarmac and almost hit the electric line pole if not just another dead innocent, this happened because this one Pakcik and his happy family that I have been carefully watched out, for driving carelessly and obliviously to the heavy traffic going fast and slow at his own time, and at one time maybe he had just decided to swerve to the left also at his own like, and at the same moment there was a bike traveling fast enough to try to overtake that car well maybe fed up with the waiting game, then there you go, the innocent guy thrown over the car's hood due to the impact and yelled very loudly before landing and the next moment his face been grated by the road surface for free, I've seen this type driving and it's almost everyday while I'm riding back and fro to work... so the best thing to do is to avoid being near to this type of driver, either to go faster and over take when its really safe or keep a distance and watch out... mostly I watch out for lady driver or one with white kopiah, sorry to say but these are the main threat on the road.

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