Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Conscience of Selfishness

Continued from then, as I told you before Conscience is a must to be a good Muslim but victory is part of the call by Allah on each of it's slaves, so this is where a little selfishness is needed in order to gain your goals and victories. This doesn't mean that you've got to be rude or inconsiderate but to be considerate itself towards yourself before making any decisions in order to gain a victory, for example, a case of a normal young man, as a youth, being together with friends are a part of daily life, at the same time, it is actually the prime time to decide which route that one would depart for his or her own future undertakings, there is always disturbances and distractions going to happen along the way. This is the point where the alot of turbulences and air pockets to avoid, so at some points, there will always a need for you to think only of yourself as the VIP to be saved, even it means to loose a mate... friends are important in order to win but sometimes friends can also pull you down if you fail to consider... so think. It is always sad to loose but the fact is, loosing is part of the game, weather you yourself loosing, or someone else got to loose is that matter... so think again...

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