Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Japan earthquake and tsunami

This is for your future digest. Today is the sixth day of Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the aftermath is unimaginable, condolences to the victims. But you know it though, that Japanese are a very resilient people, they are always able to dampen the impact of any disaster strike and will always bounce back as they did many times before, (which is a good example for us to follow). Condolences are the best thing to do if you are unable to help, but what upsets me most is that there are some people who showed ignorance to the suffering of other people. In this indeterminate world of news and information you are able to scoop up the latest yet most advance of anything, and even your are able to participate with the updates like, giving your opinion, live and real time, and at the same time people in the world will be able to apprehend your conceptions of the happenings. There are some douche bags out there who come out with their sinister comments or accusations and blames. They are blaming at the the victims as the victims are mourning the death of their relatives and friends who they lost during the tragedy, they are showing no remorse of what's happening around in the case of respect to the dead, even worse there Muslims ourselves talking about Allah's punishment for whatever reasons they only have, aren't they realize that Nabi Muhammad himself has never taught about disrespectful to the dead be they are Muslims or not? for me this is not the right time for us Muslims to talk about Allah's Almighty powers, I know they might have a good intentions of reminding us of this but remember Nabi Muhammad S.A.W himself had showed us how to behave towards anybody even if they are an enemy.

While in this case let me remind you Harris, of how to act according to Nabi Muhammad teaching quoting the the ayat: "Hablum minAllah wa hablum minannas" which means relationship with Allah and the human being, HablumminAllah is reenacted in our fist act in solat where we mention Allahuakbar in Takbeeratulihram, this means the fist relationship is with Allah whereby Hablumminannas is performed during Salam on both sides in the end of solat which means relationship amongst human being is to be taken care of. Without proper understanding of this, may cause disgust not amongst us human being but also form Allah S.W.T.
Good relationship with Allah requires good relationship with human itself.

Anyway, isn't it nice to always take good care of a relationship...? Wallhua'lam chapter relationship... next will be more... haha it's nice to babble to you...

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